October 2022

Please see the below message from the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce:   October 1 was a big date on the calendar for business owners and employers in Saskatoon. Take note of these two key legislative changes:   1) The minimum wage in Saskatchewan has now increased to $13 per hour. Here’s the original release and schedule of increases to 2024.   https://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/news-and-media/2022/may/03/saskatchewan-minimum-wage-to-receive-market-adjustment   2) The PST now applies to admission to

We have an Art Mural on Central Avenue! Western Ag has just completed an Art Mural on the north wall of their building at 804 Central Avenue.   The location on the Western Ag building is ideal. As Josh Jacobson the Artist put it: "I wanted to create an intriguing design that would mesh nicely with its surroundings, taking cues from the streetscaping elements, sculptures and colours that


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