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What Does It Take To Hold The Line On Rate Increases?

Please see the below message from the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.


What does it take to hold the line on rate increases?


We now know that “global pandemic and aftermath” isn’t on the list


Deliberations on Saskatoon’s 2022/2023 Business Plan and Budget concluded last night. During and in the lead up to the process, the Chamber urged City Council to urged Council to keep cost control and competitiveness at the forefront of its deliberations by finding additional savings and opportunities to reduce or defer spending until Saskatoon’s economic forecast has improved.


COVID has hit local businesses very hard – and all the jobs, incomes and growth they generate. Even still, they will face an increase in property tax and utility rates, in spite of their fragile state and the fact that they will lead our recovery.


“A global pandemic landed on Saskatoon’s businesses. However, against all odds and unimaginable pressure, they found ways to survive, protect people, and keep going. To keep Saskatoon going,” said Jason Aebig, CEO.


He added: “In return, they’ve been handed tax and utility rate increases in the middle of rising costs for goods and materials, high debt, labour shortages, supply chain disruptions and ongoing uncertainty.”


“It’s hard to accept that there were no additional savings in Saskatoon’s $1.2 billion budget to offset rate increases this budget cycle as we continue to reel from the challenges of 2020/2021 and face an uncertain 2022/2023.”


“It’s hard to believe that budget deliberations resulted in higher increases than originally proposed by City Administration. We could have stood alone as the most affordable Prairie city to grow a business. We commend those who tried to steer the outcome the other way.”


“At 3.86% and 3.53% for 2022 and 2023, and increased utility rates, business and commercial property owners will feel the impact. Many will rethink their plans to hire and rehire. Some will close.”


“In the meantime, the question on many business minds today: what does it take to hold the line on property tax and utility rate increases? We now know that “global pandemic and aftermath” isn’t on the list.”


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