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City of Saskatoon: Industrial-Residential Interface Study

The City of Saskatoon Planning and Development Department has started to engage local stakeholders about a new project that may be of interest to your organization. In particular, members of the Sutherland BID may be interested in joining the project advisory group mentioned below or know someone who might be interested.


We are conducting a city-wide study to determine if there are ways to address existing nuisances where residential areas are impacted by heavy industrial businesses. Examples of nuisances from nearby heavy industrial businesses might include: noise, smells, vibrations, dust, or outdoor lighting. As part of the Industrial-Residential Interface Study, the City is engaging with Saskatoon residents, industrial businesses, and other stakeholders.


A public survey is available online to gather information about the impact that heavy industrial businesses are having on residential areas. This survey is open until January 31, 2023.


As well, we are looking for interested community members and industrial property/business representatives from across the city to join a project advisory group. The group will provide advice on effectively engaging local stakeholders and help us consider the impact proposed ideas could have in addressing nuisances. Applications for the advisory group will be accepted until December 16, 2022.


The survey, project advisory group application form, and mailing list for future project updates are at:


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