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Construction Work on Central Avenue and 112th Street West is Complete

The remaining work for the 2020 construction season on Central Avenue is now complete. We would like to thank area businesses and residents for their continued understanding and cooperation during this important infrastructure work.


Over the last several months, three projects were successfully completed on Central Avenue and 112th Street West:

  • Central Avenue Road Resurfacing and Sidewalk Rehabilitation Project – This project included the rehabilitation of the road and sidewalk on Central Avenue from College Drive to 107th Street West.
  • Central Avenue Streetscaping Project – This project included the completion of streetscaping work on the west side of Central Avenue between 107th Street West and 108th Street West as well as the realignment of the intersection of 108th Street West and Central Avenue. The final and remaining phase of this project on the west side of Central Avenue between 108th Street West and 109th Street West will occur at a later date and will be coordinated with adjacent property owners.
  • 112th Water Main Replacement Project – The project included the replacement of the water main on 112th Street West from Egbert Avenue to Violet Avenue as well as the rehabilitation of the road and sidewalks.


With work now complete, we would also like to take the time to obtain your feedback on the project updates that you had subscribed to. Your feedback ensures that we are providing our subscribers with the information that they require during our construction projects.


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